Why should I create an account?

March 18, 2023 in News

Why should I create an account? 

The main benefit of creating a free account is the ability to track your progress in the Garage Motorcuycle Builder's Handbook.

If you are logged into the website via your account, the software will track when you click the buttons to indicate you've finished or read a section. This means you won't waste time clicking into book sections you've already read.  

So you get two visual indications of your progress in the book:

  1. The first is via the progress bar in the top left of the screen while you are reading the book
  2. The second is in the index, completed sections are marked as such.

Progress bar

In the top left of the screen (when you are within the book or any of the Academy courses), you'll see a progress bar like that shown below. This progress bar is tied to your free user account and will update as you move through the book. 


If you are logged into your free user account, the book index will reflect which sections you have read. The software knows this as it keep track when you click the "NEXT LESSON" button at the bottom of each section.

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