Welding fundamentals

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About this course

In a nutshell, welding might be defined as the fusion of two pieces of material. I say “material” because we can also weld plastic as much as metal. However, this course will just focus on metals.

We can split welding into two general categories.

Fusion welding

Fusion welding is common on our motorcycles, and requires melting of the metals being joined.

Non-fusion welding

Non-fusion welding requires heat to work, but we need to add a filler material that melts at a lower temperature than the parent material. Soldering (which might be used on copper wiring) is a great example of non-fusion welding.

Welding today

Since the early 1900’s, welding technology has progressed to the point that high quality welding machines are now affordable for small shops, farmers, artists and hobbyists.Creating items from a pile of metal with the aid of welding is surprisingly satisfying. But don’t expect to pick up a welding torch and lay down a perfect bead first time. Like any new skill, it takes practice to create a strong and attractive welded joint. Follow along and see whether welding is something you want to learn.

Benefits of welding

Custom SV650 frame

Custom SV650 frame from  Moto R Design

Welding is obviously a permanent process, compared with, say, bolting parts together. If the two parts are made of the same material, welding is a option for joining them. Welding allows you to make a complex shape like a motorcycle frame. A whole bunch of tubes and plates can be assembled into a strong and durable structure.Excited? Ready to take the next step? Let's look at the different welding processes and how suited they are to your custom motorcycle project.