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About this course

Project management. Some people love it, some people hate it, most people aren’t sure what it really is and how you go about it.

You can Google and find all the classical definitions on project management, but in reality, its managing your workload towards a known end goal, with enough detail so you can work out the risks and avoid or minimise them to a degree that you get to the goal with the desired balance of time, cost and quality.

Project management is actually something you do everyday, many times over in your work or personal life, but generally on a much smaller scale. Like getting the family organised every morning to get out the door for school or work, navigating your way around the supermarket for the weekly shop or planning out the day’s activities at work.

Without realising it you probably have all the basic skills (otherwise you probably wouldn’t have gotten this far in life!) but it might be some specific tools, or some concepts, that you are lacking. A case of not knowing what you don’t know.

If so, read on.

Course Structure


Tools that might help 1 Lesson


GanttProject free software 2 Lessons


Using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel 1 Lesson


ClickUp free software 2 Lessons