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How to paint a motorcycle tank

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About this course

Have you got an air compressor at home, with a spray booth and a decent paint spray gun? No? Out of luck eh?

Maybe not.

Who says you can’t paint some (or all) of your motorcycle project in your home shop with aerosol paint?

Will you get the same result as a professional painter with a spray booth? No.

Will it be a show-winning paint scheme? No.

Will it be as durable as modern 2-part automotive paints? No.

Will you have to spend time and money to strip it off if you change your mind and send the job to a professional? Yes.

But do you want to learn some new skills? And have some fun? And get the satisfaction of doing-it-yourself?

Ok, stick with me, and speed up your learning curve.

The haters, trolls and purists will scoff at this course, but who cares what they say?

You can get an acceptable result painting in your home shop if you learn, practice and follow a process. Of course, go talk to your local auto body supplier for detailed product information and recommendations when you are ready to start. With the information in this article you should be able to ask intelligent questions.

Scroll down to the "Resources" box below to download the "shopping list" of materials you'll need. These are Amazon affiliate links; you can purchase equivalent products from any reputable automotive parts or paint supply store.

In this course, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process and equipment to paint this tank, so you can follow along and achieve something similar on your own project. 


Course Structure


Introduction 1 Lesson


What does the final outcome look like? 1 Lesson


Choose a paint system 1 Lesson